My Story – Part 1

*Since this post was originally published, I have become an ACE distributor. I would be happy to talk to you about trying this product. You can order online or  feel free to email me.

I was one of those children that was naturally skinny.

I was a tween that had a horrible awkward stage, but it never involved weight gain.

I was the teen that took dance classes and did marching band/color guard 6 days a week, so when I finally did fill out and gain weight – it was purely muscle.

When I went to college, I gained about 30 pounds the first semester, but it melted away as soon as I started winter guard (think “dance team”) in January.

For most of my life – the majority actually … “thin” has been easy for me. A big weight gain might be 5 pounds that I could lose in the course of a week if I even had the thought of exercise come into my mind.

I was a size 1 when Don and I married 9 years ago. I remember the week of our wedding thinking that I should have tried to lose some weight beforehand.

Less than a month after that day, I found out I was pregnant with Avery. After gaining 76 pounds, I delivered a 7lb. 12oz. baby. I found out very quickly that my body would never be the same. But even then, most of the weight fell off since I was teaching color guard 4 days a week.

Nine months later – almost to the day – I found out that I was pregnant again. I remember my first doctors appointment, my Ob/Gyn said “Your body hasn’t fully recovered from having Avery, so don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t go back into place as quickly.”

He couldn’t have been more right. A year later, after carrying, birthing, and nursing two babies in an 18 month timespan – I knew exactly what my doctor meant. I had no muscle tone and was about 15 pounds heavier than I was at my wedding.

Then, we moved to Texas. Have you been to Texas? Have you eaten the food here? Enter another 10 pounds.

I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained. And to be perfectly honest – I hate traditional exercise. Nothing about running or walking is fun to me. A gym makes me entirely too self-conscience. And I absolutely love food. None of this is a good combination.

I think that everyone has a different point where they decide “this is it … I’m finished.” For me, that was Thanksgiving this past year. I decided on vacation that I was ready to do whatever it took.

It didn’t hurt that we had decided that our 2011 vacation would be a cruise …
… or that this is the year of my 20th high school reunion.

It was around that same time that a childhood friend (Angela) started posting on Facebook about her weight loss. I was doing traditional dieting (counting calories) with minimal luck and she was like the Incredible Shrinking Woman! I finally got up the courage to email her and ask what she was doing. She told me about the Saba Ace Weightloss pills.

Let’s get one thing straight – I’m not a pill taker. I’ll deal with a migraine and not even think about taking an Excedrin. I just don’t take pills. It drives my husband insane that I’ll suffer and not even consider that I have a bottle of Tylenol in my purse. So, to even think about taking a weight loss drug was a stretch for me. I had taken Dexatrim for 2 days about 5 years ago and then I just forgot to take them again 🙂

So, long story longer, I ordered a 30 day supply of Ace and promised myself that I would see how they worked for me. They are 100% natural, so I wasn’t concerned about a health risk … I just hadn’t ever taken anything like this before and I wanted to be careful.

To be completely honest, the first two days that I took Ace (1 pill/day), I felt like I was on nighttime cold meds. I was very swimmy-headed and just felt funny. I decided that I would give it 5 days. If the symptoms didn’t go away, then I would stop the pills. On day 3, I felt great. (I’ve since figured out that it was the caffeine in the pills that were doing that to me!)

The biggest thing that I’ve had happen with Ace is that I’m not hungry. Many days – not all, but many – I could go an entire day without eating a thing. I know that’s not healthy and that’s not how I want to lose weight. I always eat breakfast. Always. Sometimes I skip lunch, but I did that prior to Ace. When I eat dinner, I use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate … but I eat exactly what everyone else is eating. I don’t skimp or prepare anything different because I’m dieting.

I haven’t done one ounce of exercise. Not one – and I’ve lost right at 15 pounds in 5 weeks. I really really wish that I had measured myself before I started this. I know that I’ve lost inches everywhere. I’m down a belt loop and pants that normally fit well, now HAVE to have a belt. I’m thinking that I’m probably down an entire size, but I can’t swear to that. I’m also realizing that in order to tone up what I’ve lost, I’m going to have to exercise. But with summer on the horizon – I can do it! Swimming, walking to the park, etc., are all ways that I can exercise and fool myself into thinking that it’s fun 🙂

I’d like to lose about 15 more pounds, but right now I’m just listening to my body and seeing what looks right. I know that I’ll never be a size 1 again … I’m certainly not trying to be. And, I don’t have a “weight/number” in mind either. I just want to look good and feel good. When that happens, I’ll go into the maintenance stage with Ace and just live there for a while!

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the product as far as how I’m using it. I’m not a distributor or a salesperson, so my knowledge is somewhat limited beyond what is working for me. (I know some people take 2 pills per day … I’m not doing that right now.)

* Since this post was published I have become a distributor.

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  1. C.C.

    Thanks for all your info. I just got my ace and was curious. No one really goes into detail, they just say they have lost. I can’t swallow pills so I opened mine up and took it with squished up peaches and a lot of water. I am ready to want to leave the house again and not be ashamed to go out.

  2. Nooruddin

    I want more information regarding this pill pls

  3. Barbara

    Can you take 2 pills at once–My husband is not feeling the effect of one pill where I just take one pill a day. This is the third day.

  4. Stephanie Click

    2 pills is the recommended dosage! You can definitely take them together!

  5. Andrea

    I lost 10 pounds the first week which is great! But I at the beginning of week three and I haven’t lost any more. Is this normal, and what should I do?

  6. Stephanie Click

    Hi Andrea, Everyone is different! You had a great loss at the beginning. Stay consistent and keep taking the recommended dosage!

  7. Hannah

    Hey cAn I take them in weaning my 15month son he only nurses to go to sleep I don’t think he’s even getting anything haha


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