ACE weightloss pill by SABA. Order wholesale at http://stephanieclick.lovemyace.comI talk a lot online and in person about how ACE has completely changed my life. ACE is an appetite control and energy supplement that gives me energy throughout the day, but has enough of an appetite¬†suppressant to keep me from munching on goodies at my desk for the entire 8 hours that I’m at work!

As an ACE distributor with SABA, my prices are set by the company. I can offer promotions on shipping, etc., but I can not discount the price of product. Most home-business are products are this way, so it’s completely understandable. But where SABA is different is their Preferred Customer program. It allows ANYONE (yes, that’s you) to buy ACE or any SABA product at wholesale price¬†without signing up to be a distributor. (Don’t you wish all companies did this?)

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Seriously.

The first month, you will receive what’s called a Starter Kit. It contains (1) 60 count bottle of ACE and (7) 2-packs of ACE. These packs are great to keep in your purse if you forget to take your capsules. If you travel, they are awesome to keep in your overnight bag or suitcase. The cost for the FIRST MONTH is $59 + tax/shipping. (Not all states charge tax.) Shipping is $8.25.

Basically, you are getting 74 capsules for $67.25 (if you are in a tax free state). That’s just $3.25 more than if you ordered direct from me and you are getting an additional weeks supply. It’s a great deal!

*Looking at some past invoices, it appears that tax ranges from 59-cents to $4 depending upon your state! 

Now, from there, you will set up your monthly autoship. This can be cancelled anytime. No fees. No contracts. No questions. Anytime. It really is that easy.

There are 2 options for autoship:

a. $40 + tax/shipping = 1 bottle of ACE/month.

b. $50 + tax/shipping = 1 bottle of ACE + (7) 2 pks/month.

The best part is that the company ships straight to your door on a day that you choose. (You can change the day at will — no problem!) No middle man in the shipping process, but you still have a distributor (the one you signed with) that is available to answer your questions!

You can become a Preferred Customer today! Use the “Order Now” section of my site.

If you aren’t interested in becoming a preferred customer just yet, you can still order product in a 30 quantity or a full bottle on this site – just go to the “About Me” section!

Want to learn more about ACE? Here’s my full story!