FAQ’s about ACE


ACE stands for Appetite Control and Energy. That’s what you get from the product – along with a kick start to your metabolism. It is 100% all-natural and is made in the USA.

I have never taken a diet aid in my life, so please take the fact that I have used this for significant weight loss and agreed to endorse the company as a representative as a huge step.

I am happy to provide a copy of the label if you’d like to clear it with your doctor. So far, I’ve never had a doctor say “no”. My clients are taking blood pressure meds, thyroid meds, diabetics … all of them have gotten the yes. Feel free to check with your physician too.


I, personally, take 1 ACE tablet at 10:00 AM every morning. I eat breakfast, let it settle and then take ACE. After about 10 weeks, I found that I was beginning to plateau in my weight loss and I then added a second capsule at 2:00 PM – it kickstarted my metabolism and I began losing again. Since all the ingredients are natural, feel free to find the time that works best for your body! (The recommended dosage is 2 capsules/day.)

You will notice a decrease in your appetite within the first 7 days. Take that opportunity to find a good portion pattern. I found that I always filled my plate way too full and although I still made sure that I ate my 1,200 calories per day – it was much easier when I ate what I wanted in the right serving sizes. Knowing that I would allow myself to go back for seconds if I wanted it was a good reward for myself, but many times I was full.

You will notice that you begin to lose inches before you will see pounds gone on the scale. I’m not exactly sure why that happens, but it’s been the trend with all of my clients (and with me!).

You can safely take up to 4 ACE pills per day (although I don’t recommend it). Taking the recommended dosage of 2 capsules/day is the best and quickest way to see results.

Water is your friend. Just as with any weight loss product, you want to stay well hydrated. Calories will burn faster.

Stay consistent with taking your ACE pill. I am not a “pill taker,” so trying to remember to take the ACE is hard for me. I set a reminder in my phone that sends me a message each day at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Do whatever you need to stay on top of it. Every single client that has faithfully stayed on the product for 30-45 days has seen a result. 


I recommend people use the product as needed, but at least 3-4 times per week. I have personal clients that use the product every-other-day and that seems to be working great. (That is how I will be using the product when the time comes.) Of course, if you are going to find yourself eating more (vacation, holiday time, etc.), then you can go back to taking ACE each day and really maintain that initial weight loss.


1. I am keeping pills in stock at all times now. I ship all over the country (literally). If you are local, I’ll bring them to you. You can order here.

2. I will not ever ask if you need a reorder. I don’t want to be the salesperson that you dread seeing come your way. If you need more, drop me a text or an email, or just place your order online. I’ll gladly fill your order. No pressure – no hounding.

3. If you would like information on selling ACE, I’ll be more than happy to give you that information and you can join my team :). However, I will never ask if you’d like to sell for SABA/ACE or become a distributor. (There is no sign-up fee & no contract – just so you know!)

Feel free to send me an email with questions at any time! I’m happy to answer it and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it!

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