stephanie clickStephanie Click loves life and living it to the fullest. She always has something new going on and it is probably the most random thing you’ve ever imagined!

A native of Beaver Dam, KY, Stephanie stays busy with her family. She is wife to her hilarious husband, Don, the mother of a son, Avery – age 15 and a daughter, Piper – age 14.

She is a complete social media fanatic. Always up with the latest technology, she can Tweet, Facebook, Snap, Text, Upload Photos, and use the GPS on her iPhone – all while walking down the hall! She is a living “Six Degrees of Separation” and seems to have some sort of obscure tie to most anyone you might ask about!

As a family, the Click’s enjoy anything fun-in-the-sun and frequent trips to Disney World. Stephanie especially enjoys being involved in the kids extracurricular activities as she volunteers on the board with the high school band boosters and serves alongside her daughter as a patroness in the National Charity League. Avery (a sophomore) is a percussionist in high school band, and Piper (8th grade) is a dancer on a studio competition team and with the Tremaine Performance Company. The Clicks live in a Houston, Texas suburb where Stephanie works in Marketing and Social Media in the travel industry.

Here are some of my favorite posts about the Click Family!

Getting a Driving Permit or Learners License in Texas

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. Although that might be up for debate with some, I'm definitely no dummy. But, believe me when I tell you, that trying to decipher how to get a driving permit in Texas is the most complicated thing I've ever done. Maybe it...

Meal Planning that You Can Stick to Year-Round

Financially 2018 was not the best year we've ever had. Health issues and a hospitalization, on top of aging kids (their activities get more expensive as do their clothes and school needs!), left us scraping by. As I took a hard look at where our money was going, it...

2018 Recap

As I think back on 2018, I have to say that it was a mixed bag of emotions. There were so many outstanding things that I wouldn’t trade for the world right alongside of some miserable moments as well. I wanted to write a reflection of this year - what I’ve learned and...

Traveling Alone with Your Child

This month, I'm proud to be writing at Houston Moms Blog about a very special trip that I got to take this summer with Piper. My 5 Things to Remember When Traveling Alone with Your Child post is now live over there and I know that you'll want to read it! Piper is a...

I’m a New Cheer Mom

Let's start by saying "I'm a New Cheer Mom" is something that I never thought would come from my mouth. But here we are ... This road started last fall when Piper started junior high. Our school is huge and unless you are in a club, it's a hard road to connect and fit...

Project Life App

I'm absolutely in love with Project Life, a product that was developed by Becky Higgins. I began Project Life in 2010 and I've never looked back. Although there are several ways to use Project Life, I have always used it to capture one-photo-a-day. In 2016, I switched...

About Stephanie

I'm so happy you've stopped by my site! I love helping families preserve memories, save money, balance family time, and keep life moving on in a forward motion. Click here for more about me.

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