about - me - Stephanie - Click - 2017 - 1Stephanie Click loves life and living it to the fullest. She always has something new going on and it is probably the most random thing you’ve ever imagined!

A native of Beaver Dam, KY, Stephanie stays busy with her family. She is wife to her hilarious husband, Don, the mother of a son, Avery – age 14 and a daughter, Piper – age 12.

She is a complete social media fanatic. Always up with the latest technology, she can Tweet, Facebook, Text, Upload Photos, and use the GPS on her iPhone – all while walking down the hall! She is a living “Six Degrees of Separation” and seems to have some sort of obscure tie to most anyone you might ask about!

As a family, the Click’s enjoy anything fun-in-the-sun and annual trips to Disney World. Stephanie especially enjoys being involved in the kids extracurricular activities. Avery is a percussionist in junior high band, and Piper is a dancer on a competition team. The Click’s live in a Houston, Texas, suburb where Stephanie works in the travel industry.