Host a Coupon Class

“As a working mom, I don’t have 60 hours to devote to searching the internet for deals and clipping coupons. I have to be organized, on task, and leave the store with real food for my family. After 8 years of persistent coupon use, I have the information that busy moms can use to cut their grocery bill by at least 50% each month.” Stephanie Click

With rising fuel and food prices, many people are becoming interested in couponing. Some are coming into this by necessity and some because of the popularity of shows such as TLC’s Extreme Couponing. Whatever your reason, saving money for your family is a skill that is easily learned if you can get off to the right start.

There are blogs, pay-sites, smart phone apps, and newsletters that are available to help you on your way. But, learning which of these will work for you COUPLED with the inside scoop on timing, pricing, store policies … well, let’s face it, it can leave you overwhelmed before you’ve even clipped the first coupon and stepped foot into a store.

So, gather your friends! During this home presentation (your home, not hers!), Stephanie Click, the Houston Money Mom, will show you how you can save thousands of dollars for your family starting from scratch.


* Look at your calendar. Find 3 dates/times that would work best for you, the host. (Weeknight classes can not begin until 7pm. Morning, afternoon, and evening classes available on the Saturday & Sunday.) 

* Use the form below to contact Stephanie. Include your three preferred dates & times in the message body, along with your phone number & email address.

* Within 24 hours, Stephanie will confirm a date for your workshop.

* It’s up to you to get the word out! Minimum class size is 5 and maximum is 15. This allows everyone ample time to ask questions and receive advice that can be applied to their particular situation.

WHAT WILL THE CLASS COVER? In 2.5 hours (plus questions), guests will learn blog vs pay-site lists, store policies, sale cycles, drugstore & grocery store scoop, how to obtain coupons, organization methods, and storage solutions! (You can choose to focus more on one of these areas if you wish.)

WHAT DOES THE WORKSHOP COST? Classes cost $15 per attendee. They can be paid by cash or check on the night of the workshop. (I will travel within 20 miles of my home for no additional charge. For classes more than 20 miles away, an additional charge will be required to cover gas costs.)

WHAT DO ATTENDEES RECEIVE? You will be fully equipped to start on your coupon adventure. Everyone in attendance will leave with information about area stores and what you need (and don’t need) to start down the road to saving thousands. Printed materials, as well as exclusive web-embedded links, will make it easy to refer to information at home. And, if luck is on your side, you’ll win an awesome door prize of coupon inserts or a gift card to a favorite grocery chain!