Products I Love – Shutterfly Freebies

Products I Love – Shutterfly Freebies

Spring2017x2 HeaderI’ve long been a fan of Shutterfly, so it’s no surprise that I always take advantage of Shutterfly freebies!

Shutterfly helps you make the most out of life’s most memorable moments. As a leader in personalized photos and services, they allow you create lasting keepsakes; award-winning photo books; custom stationery, including cards, announcements, and invitations; as well as unique home decor and photo gifts.

Shutterfly is very generous with their discount codes. It’s a great way to try products that you might not normally try, and also a way to stockpile gifts for special occasions.

This week – through 3/1 – you can pick TWO gifts! This is valid on the Shutterfly site or the app! Click on the link below to choose your products – then use the code FREE4ME at checkout.

Pick Two Gifts! Get One Mouse Pad, One Laminated Placemat, One Set of Coasters, One 16×20 Collage Poster, or One 16×20 Print! Use code FREE4ME at check out. Valid 2/28-3/1

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Mouse Pad – a teacher gift with a picture of the class
  • Placemat for a toddler – use a photo of the extended family to identify names/faces
  • Coasters – with vacation photos
  • 16×20 collage poster – filled with action shots from a sports, dance, or band season
  • 16×20 print – favorite shot from your holiday photoshoot

Enjoy and share with your friends!!!

Unboxing Hello Fresh

Unboxing Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh has quickly become a staple in our house. I tried it on a whim when a fellow blogger offered up a free trial. I was a bit skeptical of the price, but once I tried and saw first hand the quality of the ingredients – I was hooked. I am so guilty of being tired after work and just running through a drive-thru or ordering takeout. Hello Fresh has kept us at the dinner table with great meals and it’s honestly cheaper than takeout!

Hello Fresh offers 3 plans: Classic (meat and fish recipes for 2 or 4 adults, you choose from 6 recipes); Veggie Plan (vegetarian recipes, serves 2 or 4 adults): or the Family Plan (meat, fish, and veggie recipes, serves 2 adults and 2 children, handpicked recipes). We are using the Classic Plan as of now. I’ve liked picking the recipes, but honestly – I’m getting ready to switch to the Family Plan only because I totally trust the recipes! I don’t need to pick any longer.

Take a look at the video and then I’ll give you some final tidbits and a trial code!

Each week, you can log into the Hello Fresh website and, if you are on the Classic Plan, you choose your meals. You will see 6 choices and you choose the 3 that you want.

Another awesome thing that I’m finding is that the recipes are things that I can make on the nights that I don’t have the service. So, the longer I’m using Hello Fresh, the more I’m breaking out of our rut of spaghetti and tacos. I’m keeping every recipe card and referring to it on the off nights.

Using this code CLICK HERE will get you $40 off your first box!

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m happy to answer as best I can!!!


BODYARMOR Sports Drink Review

BODYARMOR Sports Drink Review

bodyarmor sports drinkI recently had the opportunity to review the super drink, BODYARMOR sports drink. When this promotion came about I was especially interested. As I’ve written before, Piper trains as a dancer for 15-20 hours each week. Keeping her hydrated is a huge concern. Filling her with sugar drinks is not an option, but sometimes she prefers more than just water!

BODYARMOR is a natural sports drink. As a mom and a shopper, I know that the word “natural” does not “natural” in my book. So often, it seems that if even a part of the drink is natural they slap the label on the bottle. BODYARMOR is packed with electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins. It is low in sodium and contains natural flavors, natural sweeteners and no artificial colors. We all know that young athletes don’t need extra sodium or artificial ingredients. These things are my fear when my daughter drinks other sports beverages on the market currently.

bodyarmor sports drinkI took a look at the label on the fruit punch flavor of BODYARMOR, and I was pleasantly surprised. The first ingredient is water. That’s always a good sign. The second is pure cane sugar. I know that sugar gets a bad rap, but our bodies need it – and our bodies can absorb can sugar, it the other artificial sugars that cause our bodies so much harm! After that, coconut water, vegetable juice concentrate, just to name a few. Only 15mg of sodium are inside! 300mg of potassium! I think it’s also good to note that BODYARMOR is caffeine free and gluten free. Caffeine free is HUGE to me. I don’t want my kids to have it at all.

The important thing to most child athletes is taste, let’s face it! BODYARMOR comes in 8 great flavors: fruit punch, orange mango, strawberry banana, tropical punch, lemon lime, mixed berry, grape and blackout berry. The flavors are rich, but not overpowering. They don’t leave a strong aftertaste which I often hear complaints about it.

BODYARMOR is available nationwide. In my local market, you can find it at HEB, Kroger, Target, Randalls, and Brookshires. To check in your area, click here. Would you like a coupon? Click here to print one.


I received this product free-of-charge in return for this review. Samples were used by my family and the words written here are my own. 

Kendra Scott Gifts for Young Girls

Kendra Scott Gifts for Young Girls

kendra scott gifts for girlsKendra Scott is all the rage, but what can you buy when your tween daughter wants a piece of her jewelry? My daughter is graduating from 5th grade in a few weeks and she is asking for a Kendra piece as her gift. (Good taste, right?) Did you know that there are pieces that are a great size for tweens? Kendra Scott gifts for young girls are plentiful when you know where to look!

Before I get to my recommendations, do you know the story of Kendra Scott? Just 3 months after having her first son, she literally went door-to-door to boutiques trying to pedal her jewelry. Her foundation has always been utilizing natural stones (so beautiful and youthful) and custom shapes. But, here’s what I love (or several things that I love):

  1. She’s a fellow Texan. She started and continues to run her business from Austin.
  2. Just this past year, she donated over $1million and 50,000 pieces of jewelry to local and national organizations! I just love that she gives back in a big way!

Kendra Scott Gifts for Young Girls :: My Top 5 Recommendations

kendra scott, magenta gift set This Magenta Gift Set is a great color and the perfect size for a young girl. Coming in at $85, it’s a nice set and it doesn’t break the bank.

Magenta is the perfect color for a tween girl – what girl doesn’t own a closet full of pink! And, it is a great color to have for summer fun!

• 14K Gold Plated Over Brass
• Size: 0.69″L x 0.38″W on post

Pendant Necklace:
• 14K Gold Plated Over Brass
• Size: 0.63″L x 0.38″W stationary pendant, 15″ chain with 2″ extender


kendra scott, tween girl giftsThese Tessa Stud Earrings are so great! My daughter actually got these in Rose Quartz from her dance sister as a Christmas gift. In a neutral color, they would be really nice on a younger girl. The color options for these are varied which is nice! Only $50.

I especially love the Rose Quartz if you want a bit of color, but don’t want the boldness of one of the brights.

• 14K Gold Plated Over Brass
• Size: 0.5″L x 0.38″W on post


kendra scott, tween girl giftsThe Dira Stud Earrings are perfectly delicate! Also at $50, they have the noticeable Kendra Scott filigree. These would go with every outfit and would also go from casual to dressy in a snap!

All of her friends will know she has a designer set of earrings with this set, and let’s face it – that’s important at this age!

• Rhodium Plated Over Brass
• Size: 0.63″L x 0.63″W on post


kendra scott gifts for girlsI really love this Elisa Pendant Necklace in white pearl. The chain comes in silver or gold, and the color options are enormous. This necklace is delicate enough to go for a bolder color, and it not look out of place on a smaller neck. But, it can also stay neutral and be a nice piece to wear everyday! The cost of this necklace is $50, so again … it’s a good quality piece of jewelry for a reasonable cost.

• 14K Gold Plated Over Brass
• Size: 0.63″L x 0.38″W stationary pendant, 15″ chain with 2″ extender
• Lobster claw closure


kendra scott gifts for girlsI got this necklace, the Kiri, from my friends for my birthday — in my birthstone of sapphire (which doesn’t appear to be available any longer.) It didn’t take long for Piper to scoop it off of my neck and onto her own!!! It even made it into her class photo! If you have a child that wants a larger color piece, this is a good way to go. It’s still small enough to remain a nice proportion to their body, but it does offer a bit more color than the Elisa.

• 14K Gold Plated Over Brass
• Size: 0.75″L x 0.5″W pendant on 18″ chain with extender
• Lobster claw closure



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Tylenol – How We Family

I have received information from the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

Tylenol - Stephanie Click - stephanieclickThere are some things that are staples your entire life. You know, those items that were used on you as a child and now, you use them on your children too. That’s because they are trusted. They have stood the test of time and we know that when we call them to action – they will be there!

One of those items in my life is Tylenol.

We are not pill takers in our house. It’s odd, because we will all – kids and adults alike – comment several times that we don’t feel well before we ever reach for something to assist with the discomfort. One of the reasons that I love Tylenol is that it covers a whole host of aches and pains! It covered them when I was a baby and it still helps today.

I don’t like to try “fly by night” medications on my family. That’s not a risk that I care to take … so thank goodness for brands with longevity (60 years for Tylenol) and a commitment to my family (and yours!).

At Christmas, it’s easy to think that brands only care about their profit and not about your family. If you need your heart warmed, spend a few minutes looking at the #HowWeFamily campaign. It will restore your faith in humanity! Because, really, nothing says Christmas like families coming together!

I’d encourage you, this Christmas, to take some time to reflect on what you love most about the holiday season. Reminisce about where you got some of your favorite ornaments; take too many photos; watch the classic movies that you haven’t seen in years … do it all!

Carry On Dream Duffel Review

Carry On Dream Duffel ReviewWe were very excited to travel to Las Vegas this summer for Piper’s dance nationals. Prior to this, we competed for four summers in Florida. Luckily, we’ve always been able to drive in years past, so we welcomed a trek to new territory!

Not being able to stack suitcases and bags and duffels galore in the back of my over-sized SUV had me in a bit of a panic.We always tend to throw stuff in the car on the day we leave … things we see that we’d forgotten about, but notice on the way out the door. Getting on a plane knowing I had to have EVERYTHING … it was daunting to consider.

For four years, we had relied on our Dream Duffel to keep us organized. Truthfully, I rarely even opened it between competitions – I just left it zipped and knew that everything was inside! If you don’t take anything out, then you know it’s still there, right?

Over time, I’ve had a small, medium, and large Dream Duffel. (Here’s my original Dream Duffel review when we got our small.) I sold my small after one season and regretted it immediately. Immediately, I say.

Rewind to June 2015.

Carry On Dream Duffel Review

Photo Credit:

Our flight to Las Vegas was on United Airlines. The medium duffel could be checked through as a normal piece of luggage. (Check your airline for size restrictions.) My plan was to take the costumes and dance shoes and place them in carry on bags, then take our clothes, toiletries, etc., and put that in the Dream Duffel. There was no way on God’s beautiful green earth that I was risking any airline losing that Dream Duffel complete with costumes. While the air staff took 3 days to locate the duffel in Tinbucktoo — we would be hung out to dry.

Then, ultimately … I decided that I really didn’t want to lug the big duffel all over Sin City. Plus, we were adding on a few days at the end of our trip which meant having to rent a car (truck/SUV) with a large enough cargo space to allow for the Dream Duffel, our luggage (4 of us), and the luggage for a set of grandparents (2 more people)!

See how this is adding up and becoming more overwhelming?

So, for a few days I lamented on how we might cope with not having a rack during competition. (We’ve never NOT had one.) Then I found out that we had 4 dances one day and 5 the next …. URGH! There was no way I wanted to handle quick changes without my best friend, the Dream Duffel.

One of the youngest girls on our team performed in just a few pieces and had the carry-on Dream Duffel. I had looked at it, talked myself in and out of it — many times. Then my best dance mom friend up and ordered one. She encouraged me to do the same. In my heart I know that this helps us both justify the purchase, and I fell right into the trap.

The carry on arrived with one day to spare and I was giddy to see if  I could actually fit all 9 costumes into the bag just for this one trip. It took a bit of thinking, but I did it!

This duffel is roomy-er than you would think with it’s size. The Dream Duffel website says that you should be able to fit 1-3 costumes inside. For regular use, I’d guess that’s pretty accurate. You’d be hard-pressed to fit more than 4 in it with hangers and all.

To pack for our trip with 9 costumes, this is what I did:

1 – I put all of our costumes in gallon Ziploc bags. (If you have bigger costumes, then you could use the bigger ones.) I put everything needed for the piece in the bag except jewelry and shoes.

Carry On Dream Duffel

2 – Then, I put the bags in the bottom of the carry-on Dream Duffel. (Make sure all the air is out of the bags!)

3 – I folded the Dream Duffel garment bags just like they came when I got them – basically in quarters. I put them on top of the Ziploc bagged costumes.

Carry On Dream Duffel

4 – Finally, I put the hangers on top.

I still had enough room to add a pair of tap shoes, a rolled-up make-up bag (this one I’m linking to comes in 11 patterns), and a rolled up jewelry organizer!

It worked great!!! I can’t say enough about this duffel. Although, this isn’t how you would want to use it every weekend, it worked awesome in a pinch! We plan to use this for our convention duffel (when we aren’t competing all of our group dances) or when we do an optional competition with just our solo or a few groups. We still have our large and medium duffels as well – I can make an argument to keep them all. They are fabulous and all of them are worth the price.

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