wear what you want with dryelDry Clean Only” is the kiss of death when I read the tag of a clothing items … or at least it used to be before I learned about Dryel. The dreaded dry clean only tag meant (1) I would never wear this item because I’m too lazy to take it to the cleaners and (2) if I did wear it, I would forget that it needed to be dry cleaned and I would inevitably throw it in the washer to be ruined.

Does any of this sound like you?


Gone are the days of only buying clothing items that you can toss into the washer. I told you earlier how I have used Dryel to clean all of Piper’s dance costumes. If it works that well on delicates, imagine how it works on sweaters and dresses?!

I love that the dryer bags are large enough that I can fit a coat inside of it. Living in Texas, I don’t get a lot of opportunity to wear a coat. It’s detrimental because all of our coats just hang in the closet most of the year and smell sort-of stale. Now at the first sign of a cold front, I just pop them in the dryer.

If you haven’t tried Dryel yet – you must! It’s less than $10 for four loads … and you don’t have the leave your house!

Let me know how much you love it! I won’t say “I told you so!”



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