It seems as if I’m writing these posts every time I blink. Whoever first said “time flies” must have been referring to raising children. As I’m frantically over here searching for the pause button, the clock is spinning in front of my eyes.

Fifteen years … I honestly can’t grasp that we’re here. It has been a whirlwind of joy and excitement as you’ve been the guinea pig of me (and your dad) learning to parent. When I look at you, I realize that perhaps we have been better at this than we imagined. You are an amazing person, Avery. You truly are.

This past year was anything but typical as you started high school and so much was new. I remember dropping you off at the first day of drumline camp and you all but saying aloud “I’m only doing this for one year … so just know that.”

You got out of the car as one kid … and before I knew it, you were someone else. Your freshman year brought an expanded group of friends, a love for band (your dad and I are so thrilled!), and a better sense of who YOU are.

Your class schedule made my head spin. HOURS upon HOURS of homework every night. I know you wanted to throw in the towel so many times. You spent most of the year exhausted and honestly, it broke my heart. But, you were a trooper – you trudged on and finished the year with fantastic grades and a GPA that will get you into any school that you might ever want to attend.

We’ve seen you come into your own this year. You’ve found your voice and are more outspoken about what you want. You are such a great friend and I love to see you in your element. You laugh with your entire body – seeing you joking with your friends makes me smile because happiness just oozes from you. Most of all, you are kind and courteous. Honorable traits that will serve you well your entire life.

Being a teen is so hard and I hope, as your mom, that you know that I will do anything I can to make your life easier. You will hit bumps in the road and I know that people aren’t always as good to you as they should be. But, boy, do I hope that you know that you have an entire army of family and teachers and friends that are behind you every step of the way.

Avery, your dry sense of humor, easy personality, and creativity make me love you so much! I look forward to our time in the car every morning, enjoy your taste in music, and smile at how you roll your eyes when I think I’m funny (and clearly, I’m not).

A few of my favorite moments with you this year were:

  • ice skating with you at the Gaylord Opryland – Piper was in dance convention classes (what else is new LOL) and you and I went skating. We don’t have much time one-on-one, but I had the best weekend. Even when I was trying to skate and video you at the same time and bit the dust … it was the best day!
  • the football game where the pit learned the dance team chant – Those nights are what makes high school band fun. Seeing you with your friends, laughing and having a ball – my heart grew!
  • every day with you and Gidget – Never has anyone been a bigger animal lover than you. Gidget adores you and you are so good with her. My favorite time of day is at night when you are going to sleep and I tell you goodnight. One day Gidget will turn on us as we make her jealous just to hear her little 5 pound body growl. I laugh just thinking about it!

Avery Click, you are my complete world and I love you with my entire heart. Happy birthday, baby boy!