I love a good day at the beach. The waves, the pure vitamin D rays of the sun, and the salt in the air all bring me absolute joy. I never feel better than on the car ride home … and the best sleep that I get is the night that follows. Now science is telling us that, at least for the “salt” part, there is something to it and it’s coming to us in the form of flotation therapy at Healing Waters Float Spa.

Flotation therapy is a therapeutic practice involving custom designed flotation cabins filled with 10″ of water and over 1,300 pounds of dissolved medical grade Epsom Salt, a higher concentration than the Dead Sea. Floaters are free from external stimuli such as sight, sound, touch, temperature, and the force of gravity as they float weightless and effortlessly in water calibrated to match the skin’s temperature (F 93.5).

Flotation therapy is a phenomenal tool to cultivate mental stillness, provide stress relief, and pain reduction. Experiencing deep rest in the float cabin rejuvenates the body and min leading to a vastly improved quality of life and greater level of overall well-being. We traveled across the United States and Europe to research flotation and we wanted to create for our community the most tranquil, luxurious and Eco-friendly atmosphere for one to gain the most blissful experience,” states Joseph Cyrus, co-owner of Healing Waters Float Spa.

Floating allows you to conserve and redirect your natural energy, induce relaxation and heal your body, mind, and soul. The average person can reach a meditative state in 20 minutes. Doctors and pro-athletes have known about the incredible benefits of magnesium sulfate for years but technological advances have no made the experience far better for muscle recovery, pain relief and even enhanced sleep management.

My daughter, Piper, and I had the chance recently to visit the Healing Waters Float Spa and experience a 60 minute float. I’ll admit – we needed this for different reasons. Piper, a dancer putting in 20+ hours on most weeks, can definitely benefit from the healing properties, and I desperately need the relaxation.

healing waters float spa

The process is very simple and is conducive to complete relaxation. Upon arriving at Healing Waters, you are led to your own spa room. Inside you will find a full shower, changing area, and your pod. First you will take a shower to remove any lotions, oils, etc., from your body. Then you put in silicone ear plugs. (You roll them between your fingers and with your body warmth, they are able to take the shape of your individual ear. Finally, you are ready to step into the spa pod.

healing waters float spa

When I opened the door, there was a soft blue light and an immediate warmth. I stepped into water that felt amazing immediately. There was gentle spa music filling the air as I sat, then leaned back. I’ll tell  you that it was nothing short of the weirdest feeling as I began to float. I wanted to look over to a friend and say “are you seeing this?” But, alas … A friend that experienced this type of spa in another city had recommended that I turn the lights completely off to really get the full experience which I did. For a person who can not and does not relax, 60 minutes is a long time! But I’m happy to report that within minutes, I had dozed off.

With the total darkness and just the soft music, I had the feeling that I suspect being in outer space is like. You still move slightly in the water, so it’s an odd sensation as you feel your muscles relax. I’ll add too that I am the coldest-natured person on the planet – I was never cold, nor was I hot. It was literally the perfect temperature.

Doctors and pro-athletes have known about the incredible benefits of magnesium sulfate for years, but technological advances have now made the experience far better for muscle recovery, pain relief and even enhanced sleep management. And, Piper can definitely attest that this is true! We are adding this to our therapy and recovery regime from now on.

healing waters float spa

Healing Waters Float Spa has officially opened in River Oaks (Houston) by co-owners Joseph Cyrus and Juan Carlos Mazorra (native Houstonian and one of the original partners who created Hughes Hangar Castro Lounge).

The wonderful folks at Healing Waters Float Spa have given me a code that I can give to my readers.

“CLICKFLOAT” will give you 50% off of your first float ($45). This code is good until June 30, 2018.

After your float, contact me. I want to hear how much you loved it!