Happy 14th Birthday Avery

Dear Avery,

Another year older and another year of “I can not believe that you are 14.” I know that I sound like a broken record. But, when I’m at a loss for words, I often just revert back to what I know is true and for this circumstance, it’s that I can’t believe you are 14.

So, on this, your 14th birthday, I thought I would list the 14 things that I love about you!

  1. Avery, you are one smart cookie and we’ve known this since you were a little baby. You have always been so curious about the world around you – how things worked, why they worked. Although you have proven yourself to me over and over academically, I’m still so proud. High school will be a tough one. Your schedule the next four years could, quite possibly, be harder then some years of college. Just know when the going gets tough that I don’t care AT ALL what your grades are – YOU are the smartest person I know and nothing will make me think differently.
  2. You wake up with the sun every day. If we believed in past lives, I would think that one of yours had to have been farmer. Getting up early will serve you well in life. There is so much of the day that I miss by laying in bed. I admire that you get up and get going — even if it is only to watch TV. It’s still a great habit to have.Happy 14th Birthday Avery
  3. I’m excited that you are sticking with band. You have no idea what you are in for. The friends that you will make over the next 4 years and the experiences that you have will shape your future in ways that you will never expect. And, let’s face it – it’s fun. Friday night football games, contests, trips … I can’t wait for you to experience it all.
  4. I know that I don’t get to pick your future career, but I still think that you would be an amazing vet. You absolutely love Gidget and trust me, the feeling is mutual. If I leave with you, drop you off, then come home without you – she runs outside looking for you. It’s the sweetest. You and Piper found her at the shelter and it was an immediate bond. I know that you’ll always have a dog in your life and that makes me happy.
  5. I know I’ve mentioned in previous years that I love your sense of humor, but I really do. You always get a joke and it doesn’t matter if it’s dry humor, sarcasm, or slapstick – you get it and you laugh with your entire body! It’s impossible not to laugh along with you.
  6. You definitely got my television gene and I’m sure you’ve watched way too many hours in your 14 years of life. With the onset of the DVR generation, like most families, we have the shows that we like to watch together. You will not watch them without all of us being there. (Piper is the same way.) We don’t have a lot of time together as a family, so I appreciate that you value that time & know that it’s something that is special.
  7. Avery, you were born to two Type A parents. We like things done the way we like things done. We are outspoken and overspoken to an absolute fault. We are loud, pushy, and sometimes impossible to deal with. And, I absolutely thank the Lord that you are everything that we are not. You are compassionate, a think-before-you-speak person, full of kindness … I want to be more like you.Happy 14th Birthday Avery
  8. You will kill me for writing this, but you have the most perfect, beautifully arched eyebrows; the longest eyelashes; and the fastest growing fingernails I have ever seen. Woman pay thousands each year to get eyebrows, eyelashes, and nails like yours. I’ll stop there because I know you are sick of me talking about this! (One of the questions I have for God is why the boys always get the great eyelashes!!!)
  9. You love your downtime. I have no idea how to relax – you could sit and read for a week straight and be perfectly content. You can go days at a time in the summer and never leave the house. You will bounce from reading, to playing PS4, to bingeing Netflix – and be happy as a lark. I envy that about you!
  10.  You love your family and you love everyone equally. You value your time with me, your dad, and Piper, as well as each of your grandparents. I especially love how you support Piper in everything that she does. It’s been so great to watch, as your mom, as you have been such a fan of your sister through the years. (And she’s your biggest fan too, just so you know!)
  11. You are the BEST traveler. Roadtrip, flights, Disney, the beach – you make every vacation fun. You can go 24/7 when on vacation and I love it! From roller coasters to water slides, you are an awesome vacation partner!
  12.  A lot of people probably don’t know that you are very artistic. You can draw so well. It’s fascinating to watch how you see color, shading, and light. I don’t have this gift at all. You see the world and every shape with a different lense. What a gift.
  13. Well you are 14. I’ve mentioned that if I had $1 for every time you’ve rolled your eyes this year, I would be laying on a beach in Hawaii. But, you never roll your eyes in disgust. You roll your eyes when your dad and I think we are being cool or funny … and we clearly are neither most of the time. But, never you worry, we’ll keep trying!Happy 14th Birthday Avery
  14. Most 14 year olds probably don’t appreciate luxury, but you – my child – certainly do. And, since I’m as cheap and Wal-Mart-esque as they come, I can assure you that this trait did not come from me. Bacon Wrapped Filet at Pappa’s Steakhouse – your favorite; 1st class seats on United – they call your name; Behind the scenes tours at Cirque du Soleil – you fit right in. And, although you might seem haughty to some over this as you get older, I don’t want you to change. Reaching and longing for the finer things in life will assure that you always keep the bar high!

So there we have it, the 14 things that I love most about you on your 14th birthday … I could write 1,000 more! Enjoy high school, live large with your friends, soak in every fun moment that comes your way, and continue to relax every chance you get.

I love you so much!