Piper Click - solo dancerTo my beautiful dancer on your solo performance day:

Performing a dance solo is quite the task. Whether you are 5 or 18, the act of taking the stage on your own is brave beyond compare. Without the security of your friends dancing alongside of you, it’s your job to bring music to life. The creation of art lies entirely on you.

Here’s what I want you to know –

Judging is not a perfect process. But, competition offers us the gift of learning to win gracefully and lose gracefully. Every time you compete you get to practice one of these skills, and both of them will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Never be intimidated by another good dancer. Surrounding yourself with great performers will keep you pushing forward. You always need someone to look up to and admire. We are so lucky to live in an area where there are good dancers on every corner. This is a blessing!

If you see someone that dances well, tell them. If you love their song, their costume, their choreography … let them know. It’s one thing when an adult gives you a compliment, but it means much more coming from a peer.

Piper Click - dance soloFinally, and most important … Your worth as dancer is not summed up by any award that is given. The awards are nice and wonderful and great on a resume, but more times than not – the dancer that moved the audience to tears isn’t the one that’s standing in the Top 10. When you leave the venue tonight, remember that you are still as phenomenal of a dancer as when you walked in hours before. No award changes that.

Enjoy every moment you are on stage. You’ve worked so hard … I’m already bursting with pride over you and you haven’t danced a single step.

I love you!