Super Sliders to Move FurnitureMy body is aching. I feel like I’ve run 8 miles without training. Everything hurts.

In fact, everything hurts so bad that I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and gasped when I put my feet on the floor.

Two Tylenols later, I feel asleep again … making sure that I didn’t move an inch the rest of the night.

Every summer, my kids visit grandparents for several weeks. While they are gone, I go through all of their old clothes, toys, clutter so that they return to a nice organized space. I’m not doing this to belittle their ability to clean their own rooms. I’m doing this as a way to purge all the toys that they never play with, but if asked – it’s their absolute favorite. If toys/clothes/junk leaves while they are gone — they never miss it.

This year, the kids asked if I could rearrange their rooms, too. They have been stuck in the same mode for some time, so I was glad to honor that request.

What I didn’t bank on was that during the final 4 days of their vacation, I would be home alone. But, realistically, we’re talking about twin beds in each room, a nightstand, and desk (extra dresser in Piper’s room). Could it be that hard?

I tried to move the nightstand in Avery’s room and realized that I was in for more than I bargained for.

Super Sliders to Move FurnitureI went to Wal-Mart (ugh) for an item and decided I should look in the “As Seen on TV” aisle for those slippery furniture moving pads. I couldn’t remember for the life of me what they were called. I could only remember that in the commercial a slim looking gal was moving a huge armoire with one hand

I finally found them, and for the record – they are in the hardware section, not the “As Seen on TV” area. There was quite a selection, but I opted for the 12 pack with sliding pads that were about 3″ in diameter. I paid $12 for the pack of Super Sliders. If you know me, I don’t spend $12 on much of anything, so I was desperate! But, I figured – it was Wal-Mart, so if they didn’t work – I’d return them.

Avery has a train table in his room. “Has” is short for “going on Craigslist tonight.” Santa had it custom-made and it weighs 900 lbs. Maybe more. I figured I would start by trying the Super Sliders out on that piece since it’s the heaviest thing in the room.

I picked up each corner of the train table and slid a circular disc underneath. I finished with the fourth leg and gave the table a forceful push … and nearly shot it right out the door!

I could not believe how awesome these discs were and never dreamed they would work so well.

The only hard part – in all truth – was the bed. It’s just heavy in general. It was a chore to pick up the corner enough to slide a disc under. (We’re talking 1.5″ and you’re done.) I finally figured out a method: put my foot on the disc, lift the furniture corner with both hands, kick the disc under the corner!

Avery’s bed has drawers underneath so it’s solid to the ground all the way around. For that, I used a disc on all 4 corners and one on each side in the middle. I didn’t even empty the drawers to move it. It slid on that carpet like grease.

[youtube width=”525″ height=”344″][/youtube]

I should tell you here that there are Super Sliders for hardwood/tile,  Super Sliders for carpet, and the socks if you need both hardwood/tile AND carpet. Make sure you buy accordingly!

Is this a sponsored post? Nope. This was just a find that changed my life. I am someone who loves change and I would rearrange the furniture every month if Don would let me. Now, I can just take it upon myself! Yes!!!

*Affiliate links used for Super Sliders on Amazon Prime.