It’s dance recital time! It’s a great opportunity to grab the best shots of your dancer. Don’t be one of the moms that carries her camera with her the entire day only to come home and find you only took 3 shots! These are 25 dance recital photos your should take!

Use this list to find the best shots for the day … the ones that you can take easily without much additional thought! Easy is best on recital day.

25 Recital Pics You Should Take for a Great Dance Scrapbook


Dance Recital: Dress Rehearsal

1. Dress Rehearsal: At our studio, we are only allowed to take pictures of the kids on stage during the dress rehearsal. A professional photographer takes photos (for profit) during the show. We take a TON of photos during the rehearsal.

Dance Recital: Getting Ready

2. Putting on make-up and fixing hair. Take shots of the dancer and the person that is getting them ready. Lots of opportunities for more than just standard pictures.

Dance Recital: On the Way

3. In the car on the way to the recital (anticipation, nerves, etc.)

Dance Recital: Dressing Aea

4. Waiting in the ready area/dressing area (Watch for people changing! Make sure everyone in the shot is dressed)

Dance Recital: On Stage

5. On stage. If your child is small – make a copy of your favorite shots. Label one with your child & leave the other untouched

Dance Recital: Costume Details

6. Little details. Costume elements, ribbons, gloves, etc.

Dance Recital: Keeping Occupied

7. How you keep your dancer occupied between numbers

Dance Recital: Group Pictures

8. Group pics (candid, not professional)

Dance Recital: Favorite Pose

9. Your child’s favorite pose from the number

Dance Recital: Practicing

10. Practicing routine (alone or in a group)

Dance Recital: Walking to the stage

11. Walking to/from the stage as a group

Dance Recital: Dancer's Favorite Part of the Routine

12. Dancers favorite part of their routine

Dance Recital: With Friends

13. Dancer with friends

Dance Recital: Entertaining Siblings

14. Keeping siblings entertained in the audience

Dance Recital: Close-Up Shot of Face

15. Close-up shot of your child’s face

Dance Recital: Sitting in Audience Watching

16. Sitting the audience watching

Dance Recital: Trophy

17. Trophy or award

Dance Recital: Backdrop

18. Stage backdrop

Dance Recital: Family & Friends That Came to Watch

19. Any friends and family that attend the recital

Dance Recital: Hair

20. A different view of the dancer’s hairstyle

Dance Recital: Dancer with flowers

21. Dancer with flowers

Dance Recital: Dancer and teacher

22. Dancer with their teacher

Dance Recital: Dancer & Siblings

23. Dancer with siblings

Dance Recital: Dancer and Parent(s)

24. Dancer with parents

Dance Recital: After the Recital

25. After the show

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