There are a lot of apps out there for grocery lists. I think that there is huge value in taking a list with you to the store, and frankly, since I have my phone with me 24/7 – it makes a lot of sense that I would use an app.

I found a great post and another post with several that you might consider.

But, for me and my family, we use Cozi.


If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s an app AND a desktop/website that offers a calendar, grocery list, meal planner, and journal. For me Cozi is perfect!

I love the calendar and the way that I can assign a “who” or “multiple who’s” to each calendar entry, but that’s for another post. The real reason I love Cozi is because the grocery list can be shared with EVERY PERSON who is listed in the account.

Cozi is a FREE online family calendar, shopping list, family journal & photo collage screensaver. Simplify family life with Cozi.So, in our home, that’s me, my husband, and both of my kids. Because the kids each have an iPod Touch, they can download the app and have access to the grocery list as well. That has been a lifesaver for me. No more coming home and hearing a child say “Oh yeah … we’re out of cereal. Did you get that?”


Everyone knows that when they use the last of something, they put it on the list. One list. One location. If it’s not on there, the chances that it will be purchased are extremely low.

I also like that the list has a checkbox by each item, so when I’m in the store – I literally check things off as I go down the aisle. If you have a huge list, you also have the option of clearing items that have been checked off. That can help make things a little more manageable as you go!

Finally, you can do multiple lists within Cozi. If you are going to more than one store or have more than one stop, you don’t have to use the same list for everything – you can divide them up by store or by stop!

Regardless of what app you choose, or if you stay with pen/paper … take a list to the store! A list and your coupons – that’s all you need!  … remember, there’s no cents in paying full price!

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Stephanie Click