dance recital prepMany of you are starting to prep for dance recitals. It can be a very exciting, but also a very hectic time! Trying to remember everything that you need to bring and attempting to enjoy the moment are two very different things, so hopefully this post will help you feel a bit more prepared.

Every studio is different, so be sure to check with your teacher on what might be specific for your dancer.

Hair pins
Clear nail polish
Extra hair ties
Polish remover
Blanket (nice to sit on vs. dirty carpet or yucky floors)
Double-Stick Body Tape (Fashion/Toupee Tape) (This is my favorite brand. You can certainly find toupee tape cheaper, but since we use this so much for competitions – I get the good stuff!)
Of course, everything you use for hair and make-up. Bring it all with you. As soon as you don’t, you’ll need a touch up!

dance recitalFOR DOWNTIME:
Depending on the age of your dancer, this can vary. Technology is great during these times. An iPad with a few new games or some episodes of a favorite show can make time pass quickly. You will also want to bring a charger. If you have one lying around, bring an extension cord and a surge protector. That way, several kids can plug in and only take up one outlet.

If you don’t have an electronic device and your child is small, a new coloring book with crayons (no markers) is a great choice. Here’s one that is inexpensive and can be ordered using Amazon Prime: Barbie – I Can Be a Dance Star Coloring Book

FOR THE PARENT (Dancer’s Helper):
If you are the parent that is staying backstage with your dancer, then you – too – will want to have something to pass the time.

A book or an electronic device (if you can pry it from the hands of your child) are good choices.

You also need to make sure you have a watch! Know what time you need to be dressed or backstage and be able to keep track on your own.

If provided, it’s nice to have a copy of the order of performance. Often, programs begin running ahead/behind and it’s nice to check in occasionally to see how the show is progressing. If this isn’t provided to you, you can use a recital program. Don’t forget your pen!

dance recitalFOR THE PARENT (In the Audience):
If you are the parent that is in the audience, your job is easy – be a great audience member.

These are your responsibilities:

Be a good audience member. Clap for everyone.

Only leave and enter the auditorium between dances, not in the middle of a performance.

Flowers are a great post-recital “gift” for your dancer. A bouquet of any kind will work – roses or any favorite of your child is fine.

If you want to do something a little more or want a more special gift, I recommend a charm bracelet from Glitzy Girl. We have several of the charms and they offer a wide variety of “sayings”. They are affordable and ship quickly.

I hope that this helps in some way as you prepare for recital time. It’s a very fun event and creates memories that lasts forever. So, be sure between the hustle and bustle of the day that you take a few minutes to just soak up the moment!