I’ve done Project Life for the past 3 years. Developed by Becky Higgins, Project Life began as a “photo-a-day” scrapbooking helpmate. Becky created the binder and the plastics and the system that made it so easy to document life — especially life with children.

Project Life is, by far, the best thing that I’ve ever done for my family. I know that others would argue that it’s very insignificant in the grand scope of things, but because of the ease of this system — I have successfully documented every day of our life for the past 1, 010 days (counting today!). Because my kids are young, I’ve captured so many milestones along the way, but more importantly, I’ve captured the details of our life. The things that might otherwise get shuffled to the back of my mind are there to remember and cherish.

For example, this picture from March 8, 2010:

This is one of those little details that would have been so easy to forget, but I’m so glad I am reminded of. Avery went through a phase where he ate Frosted Mini Wheats every morning for breakfast. He would get a bowl and sit down on the carpet to watch Playhouse Disney. (Disregard the dirty carpet – this was pre-maid service.) At any rate, my quirky little boy 6 year old boy would — first thing — take a mini wheat out of the bowl and put it on the floor. That particular mini wheat would be eaten last. I have no idea why he did that, but he did … and he did it every day. And, even now at 9 1/2 years old, if he eats mini wheats — he takes one out of the bowl to save for last.

Project Life captures these things … the details.

We are all so good at taking pictures of teeth lost, ballgames won, first days of school, etc. I love Project Life for helping me capture everything else, because let’s face it … most of our life is “everything else”.

Now, my problem is … do I keep on in the photo-a-day format or change to the one-week-at-a-time format.

The one week at a time format is basically the same thing —  every layout spread captures an entire week, but the photos aren’t necessarily from a specific day. You could have 3 pictures from Tuesday, nothing from Wednesday or Thursday, and then a bunch from Saturday. Essentially, it’s probably much easier. There’s no pressure to take at least 1 photo each day. (That’s not pressure for me, but I’m sure it would be for some!) My fear is that if I’m not held to one photo per day that I’ll get lazy and then end up not taking as many photos as I usually do. And, let’s face it — being able to look back to see exactly what you were doing on any particular day of any year is pretty darn cool.

What do I do if I have more than 1 photo for a day in my current format? If it’s a big event – like vacation or a birthday party – I do a larger collage and use it as a separate insert that I put in with that week. I really do find a way to include everything. And, I think that works well regardless of how you use Project Life.

So with that said, I have a big decision to make .. and I have to make it soon.

Photo-per-day or Week-at-a-time???? I’d love to hear the thoughts of other project lifers!

(Right now I’m still taking a photo per day so I’m safe either way!)