I have a lot of apps on my iPhone … a lot. Many. Pages worth. Really.

I have so many apps that I actually forget what I have and find myself sometimes saying “I wish there was an app for ‘that’.” When, in fact, there i

s an app AND I actually have it on my phone, but it’s lost in the sea of folders.

I’m going to try and do better.

But, last week, I was introduced to a new app called Posterity and it’s not going in a folder. In my world, you’re in the ranks with Pinterest and Facebook when you aren’t in a folder, so let that give you an idea of the significance that I think this app will have in my world of family memory keeping.

Forever, I’ve been keeping track of the funny things that my kids say. I had a time where I logged them via email, but truthfully – was falling down on the job. That’s when my amazing friend, Cherrell, gave me the gift of a lifetime: A children’s quote journal. I’ve done really well with keeping up with it. Honestly, it’s a treasure and between the journal and Project Life, I don’t think I’ve missed too many zingers.

With that said, what a God-send this would have been (and will be) for catching all the quotes that you don’t ever want to forget. Posterity’s interface is super easy to use – here’s a brief overview:


For me, I think $1.99 for this app is a steal. With each quote, I have the option of adding a pic, typing in the quote, and adding the date. There is also a timeline feature, so keeping them in order is easy!

Posterity has a Facebook page – be sure to follow them to get updates on how the app advances.

PS – I wasn’t paid or contacted at all about Posterity for this post. I just think it’s a super cool app that will be useful in memory keeping.