The Mom Creative
This is my third year doing Project Life. I absolutely can not imagine ending this project. We all enjoy looking back through the binders – it’s a legacy-building endeavor if ever their was one.

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Here’s what we were up to this week:

This necklace represents a very important part of my life. I only wear it during special times - the week before this was one of those! Only a select few people know what it means, but the bond that we share will last a lifetime!

Avery was so impressed that he finally learned to (kind-of) cross his eyes!

Allergy season is in full swing. With every plant that blooms, Piper's eyes swell more!

An article that I wrote for Sugar Creek's online magazine was out for proof. I was so thrilled with the great artwork that accompanied the article.

Piper's dance competition went great! Two platinum awards, a 6th place overall, a 2nd place overall, and a Little Firecracker "Class Act" award ... definitely a success.

Following the dance competition, we loaded up the car and went for our first family camping trip! We had a ball!

After a great night of camping, daylight broke and we enjoyed our final moments at the site.