Some people have Christmas in July, but in my house – we had Christmas in mid-January. We are quickly approaching “dance season” and it is time to get our stuff together. Figuring out how to get things from the house to the competition venue has taken some strategic planning. I was concerned about how it would happen, honestly. I have a small SUV, but I won’t have the luxury of laying the seats down (my kids will be in the backseat). Gone was the idea of just purchasing a rolling rack and bringing along several pieces of luggage – not going to fit! I was stressed … and then I found out about Dream Duffel.

This BRILLIANT product comes from the company Dancer’s Dream which is the brainchild of Barb Johnson and Kris Barkow. Started in 2008, this idea came to them as they struggled with the same problems that I mentioned above (plus more) and thought “There has to be a better way!”

Leave it to some mom’s to figure it out! And to make it EASY.

My husband’s biggest concern was that I had to have a product (or at that time productS) that I could assemble myself. He won’t always be with me and certainly won’t be allowed in the dressing area where I’ll be using everything. Last night, I did everything myself. It was so simple. And quick. I was giddy, because it literally worked just as it appeared – no engineering degree needed.

This post is very picture heavy. I will be posting about the duffel much more in the future weeks as we pack it and begin to use it. I will say, however, from my initial set up that this is a heavy duty duffel. Although it isn’t heavy weight-wise, the bars and product materials are sturdy. (As always, follow the directions when using – I’ll talk more about that later as well.)

So, here you go. Picture heavy – consider this your warning!

So excited to open this! It was like Christmas in mid-January 🙂

Not a lot of wasted space inside the box. The stool was inside beside the bag. You can see that the bag was covered in plastic and the additional contents were inside the bag so that they were protected in shipping.

This is the front of the bag. A large insulated pocket on the left and an additional large pocket with a strong closing clasp on the right.

I thought it was important to show the depth of the bag. For a small, it is very deep – you can see here that when I put my leg inside, it goes to my knee!

The front pocket is insulated – I think that is brillant. The days will be long when we are at competition. Being able to throw a small snack in here without the hassle of dragging along an additional cooler is a genius concept.

The hanging cosmetic case is another awesome idea. The piece that I’m holding on the right is sectioned. I’ll be able to show that more in-depth once we have it loaded. The mirror is held on with velcro – when not in use, it has a stand so that it could be used on a table. It has PLENTY of space for everything we’ll need. I couldn’t believe how intelligently it’s designed.

There are 2 spots on the Dream Duffel where you can use a patch. They come blank (and you can also order replacements). This particular one was embroidered with Piper’s name. I plan to have the other embroidered with our studio logo! The great thing is that if we decide later that we’d like something else – we just order a new patch. Super simple.

The garment bags that are sold by Dream Duffel are so unique and great for this activity. Aside from the quality of the plastic, you have 3 additional pockets at the bottom. 2 are smaller squares and 1 is a long rectangle. I envision us using the square pockets for gloves, tights and accessories; and the rectangle pocket for shoes. The smaller pocket will be great for the dancer’s name, the times and locations for dance numbers, “do not forget” memos, or how about some sweet motivational phrases!

This is a pic of the full setup. Notice here the stool. It is perfect for me to sit on with Piper standing in front of me so that I can fix her hair or apply her makeup. I will also love having a stool to sit on instead of the floor when we are in the ballrooms all day.

I love the accessory box. It’s great for all the small items that are finding their way into our life! I had envisioned having several small cases to keep them all straight, but this will work brilliantly for us!

And, last but not least, what dancer wouldn’t want a little bling. Piper is all about the sparkle, so this is PERFECT for her! There is plenty to choose from in the kit and lots of ways that you could use the pieces that are included – I guarantee that no two will be alike. It’s also a great way for Piper and I to work together on something to get her ready and excited about the competition. She’s already declared that she’ll be pulling the duffel … like I thought I would have a chance! LOL.

PS – My bag is a small. It will hold 4-6 costumes. Medium and large bags are also available by size and also in other colors/styles.

I was not compensated for this post, although I was given the product at no charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own and true to my experience. To learn more about Dream Duffel and purchase your own, find them online