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PS – I had my phone on a stand on my dash … and although it looks like I was driving on the street, I was actually going 5 mph in the Park N Fly lot!

One of the expenses of flying that people tend to forget about is parking. It’s a sneaky little thing too … since you don’t pay until you return from your trip!

My husband travels extensively and he learned early on that parking on airport property, although convenient, is very costly. That’s when he discovered off-site parking.

You will, in a large city, pass at least half a dozen of these places with catchy names like “Park N Fly” or “The Parking Spot” … Clever. And, believe it or not, much more cost efficent.

There are a few catches though … To get a savings that is noticeable, you must book online before you leave. (Most require at least 24 hours ahead of time.)

Once you pull into the lot, you’ll get a parking tag (verifies your arrival time) and they’ll send you on your way. The lot that we use in Houston sends you to a particular row. Once the shuttle picks you up, the driver writes your specific parking space number on a ticket that you give to your shuttle driver upon return. Other lots that I’ve used in the past were more like a parking garage. You were on your own to remember where you parked when you returned. Make a note just in case … in a larger city, these lots can be massive!

And, if you are in the market for an oil change or a car wash – ask! A lot of these places will hook you up while you’re gone. Costs vary from place to place, so I wouldn’t even venture to guess what you’ll pay.

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