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I don’t count myself a Bible Study expert. As a working mom, I’ve never been able to attend the weekday church-based Bible studies that are all the rage. I see the sisterhood that is birthed and nurtured, and I’m so envious. It’s just never been a reality that was able to work for me. Over the past few years and many searches, I’ve been blessed to find two Bible Study Apps that I love.

I sleep with my phone right beside my bed. In an effort to be more disciplined, I have promised myself that I have to do my bible study before I do anything else (email, social media, texts, etc.).

first5, bible study apps, proverbs 31 ministriesThe first (and the one I’m currently using) is called First5. This app was developed by Proverbs 31 Ministries and the premise is that you start your day – the first 5 minutes of your day – with this app.

What I love about First5 is that it really is a 5 minute study. They start each day with a graphic that has a statement or idea that is applicable to what you will read that day. (It’s a free download, which is really cool.) Then, they have a verse that is the focus of the day. The study right now is moving through Numbers. At first I was a little turned off that it only went one scripture at a time, but now I’ve gotten used to it. It really is a deep study pattern. One of those things that you don’t realize is really deep until the study is over! Tricks you into learning more than you realize!!! At the end of each day’s session there is a prayer prompt, as well as an opportunity to read more if you wish. There’s also an opportunity to share/comment about something that spoke to you that day. It’s really a great app. And, it’s free!

Watch this short 90 second video to learn more about how First5 works:

The second bible study app that I love is called SheReadsTruth. It also is free and has studies that are included with the app, then also has studies that are pay. (The costs are very inexpensive. Most $1.99) Something that I love about the plans offered on She Reads Truth is the ability to chose the topic of your study. They run the full spectrum of options. Here’s a short list of the ones that I’ve completed: Open Your Bible; In Everything, Give Thanks; Hymns; Hymns 2; This Is the Bible; Women in the Word, Old Testament; Ruth; and Esther.

she reads truth, bible study appsWhen you find a study that you are interested in, you will see the length of the study (most are 5-20 days). Then, as you finish each day, the app literally lets you check off each day so you know where to begin the following day.

This app is in-depth, but in a different manner. Take the Hymns 2 study as an example, on day one, you will read portions of scripture from Proverbs, Philippians, Colossians, and Hebrews. Then, you will go on to that particular devotion. I loved that I could highlight scripture and bookmark it. That was a great feature for me. I love looking back at all of my bookmarked scripture every once in a while. You can also leave comments in the app after each devotion day.

she reads truth, bible study appsI also really love that this app has a full version of the bible. If you wanted to do further study or just have a bible on your device, you can do that all with She Reads Truth! In the settings, you can chose the translation that you prefer.

I know this sounds odd, but this app has really great lock screens for your phone that are a free download. Their designers are amazing. I’ve downloaded many of these and really enjoy seeing them as a daily reminder. All are scripture based – there’s a huge variety!

Here’s the bottom line: God wants to be in relationship with you. That is absolutely between you and Him. It’s hard for anyone to recommend bible study apps that can work for every person, but these certainly have been a huge help to me. If you are searching for something to open the door or as a starting point for you, I don’t think you can go wrong with using these two bible study apps as a starting point. Both have a strong biblical base and both founding companies are of the highest integrity. Try it … give it 2 weeks, let this be the start of a new life for you! Let me know if I can pray for you – I’d be honored to do it.

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