Happy Mother’s Day

mothers day 2016

On Mother’s Day, I can’t help but think of my mom – a single mom for the greatest majority of my life. It’s only now that I can look back and see, not only how young she was, but how much sacrifice there was on her part as I was growing up.

Through my mom and my grandmother, I never needed for anything. We certainly weren’t wealthy and I wasn’t prancing around in Guess jeans like some of my friends, but I was fed and clothed and housed! I was able to take dance lessons and piano lessons. I had a flute when I started band and was able to compete year-round throughout high school all over southeast.

We never went to Florida for vacation or to Disney World, but we spent every weekend at the pool or the river. We went to the drive-in movie in pajamas and snuck in our own popcorn. We were heavy in experiences, not trips. It was such a good way to live and make memories.

My mom was always funny, full of life, athletic, and the life of the party. Piper, my daughter, is so much like her! It’s so funny for me to watch Piper in certain settings and see her interact with people the exact same way that my mom would. (Piper’s feisty spirit and stylish tendencies are from my grandmother. There are some strong genetics on the Harris side!)

I thank God for my mom. And, for her mom – who was such an enormous influence as well. I’m so grateful that I still have them in my life today. They are a blessing to me in every way.

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