Currently Watching – June 2018

A series that I’m excited to begin for you is called Currently Watching. I love television and always have. Some people go to the spa to relax – I sit in front of the television with a glass of sweet tea and a snack. I love all things reality show, crime, drama, comedy … and still miss the days of Desperate Housewives and Glee. So, with my varied expertise on how to sit for hours with your eyes glued at the set, I assumed there was no one better than me to help you fill your Netflix queue.

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

girlfriends guide to divorce

I don’t know how I missed this series when it first premiered on Bravo in 2014. I honestly had never heard of it until I stumbled upon it on Netflix. Here’s the official web blurb:

After Abby McCarthy, author of self-help books and guru to people with family issues, states that she and her husband have separated, her career screeches to a halt. The revelation puts America’s once-favorite girlfriend in free fall. Acclimating to being single in her 40s, she turns to friends for advice, including entrepreneur Phoebe, who has an odd relationship with her ex. For the divorce, Abby hires Delia, an associate of her friend, Lyla. The “Girlfriends’ Guide” book series inspired the dramedy — Bravo’s first original scripted series.

In my opinion, Bravo has knocked it out of the park on this one. The first two seasons each have 13 episodes, with season 3 coming in with 7 and season 4 at 6 — all of these are currently on Netflix. Season Five started on June 14 on television, but I’ll probably wait for Netflix to pick it up since we just let go of our DVR.

girlfriends guide to divorce

The four main female characters are the girl-squad that you wish you were invited to be a part of! They are wealthy and in all the best circles around Los Angeles. This series reminds me of a city-style Desperate Housewives … or a revamped Lipstick Jungle. I can’t get enough and can watch 5-6 episodes in one sitting – killing an entire afternoon!

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Doctor Foster

doctor foster

I found Doctor Foster as I was skimming through Netflix searching for something to watch that wasn’t a romantic comedy. I’ll be honest to say that it took about 2 episodes to get into it, but once the plot and characters were introduced fully – there was no turning back.

A BBC One series, Doctor Foster hit the air in 2015. I’m not up on my British series watching, so the entire cast was new to me. Some really great acting takes place and they deal with some super dramatic situations which adds even more to the accolades!

Suranne Jones (“Coronation Street”) stars as Dr. Gemma Foster in this mystery-drama series that leads the protagonist down a dark path. Dr. Foster seems to have the perfect life; she is a trusted GP, has many friends and a settled family — until her husband starts acting suspiciously. The doctor begins to think her husband is having an affair and decides to investigate, but the secrets she uncovers tear her world apart. Gemma’s life goes into turmoil as she gets closer to discovering the truth, with her family and patients all suffering as a result of the shocking events that unfold.

doctor foster

Right now there are 2 seasons with just 5 episodes each. One might think that they could just sit down and knock out a season in an afternoon. Think again. The suspense in this series is real. I will watch a few episodes … then have to stop and reflect on what I just saw. Twists and turns around every corner. It might be a bit slow at the start, but it picks up some real speed — stay with it.

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What needs to be next on my list? I always love recommendations!



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